About Lyrics and Lunch

Thank you for your interest in Lyrics and Lunch. This is a singing and music group and a registered charity (no. 1196797), where we sing old, familiar songs and learn a few new ones. We have a go at singing simple rounds and at playing percussion instruments along with some of the songs. We sing for fun and for the health benefits. Lyrics and Lunch is not a choir and you don’t need to be a great singer to come. There is lots of laughter, especially when things go a bit wrong!

We ask that each person is accompanied by a carer, but it need not necessarily be the same person every session. Actually the carers usually enjoy it just as much as the participants.

Another important feature is the delicious lunch. We have freshly made soup and sandwiches, cakes and fresh fruit and tea or coffee. Over lunch everyone chats and shares together. Carers can relax and chat with others who understand how they feel, knowing their loved one is chatting away with their friends too.

People who come to Lyrics and Lunch enjoy coming but also find many benefits from it. Here are some of the things people have said about why they come….

‘The atmosphere is great and everyone is very friendly. We have met new people and our experience there is very uplifting.’

‘Meeting other people with similar problems in a friendly, supportive atmosphere leading to extended friendships.’

‘Friendship, understanding, lunching together promotes conversation. The pure enjoyment of the group.

‘Recommended by a friend and we felt that social interaction was what we both needed.’

‘People are so friendly and easy to get on with. It is a welcoming atmosphere which my husband accepts without question.’